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The Afterlife Bible: The Definitive Guide to Otherworldly Experience

The Afterlife Bible: The Definitive Guide to Otherworldly Experience

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The Afterlife Bible describes the many beliefs in an afterlife, from ancient myths and religions to contemporary spiritual faiths. Sarah Bartlett explains how the scientific community has taken part in the search for evidence of the afterlife and reveals the role of contemporary spiritual practices.

Topics in The Afterlife Bible include:

  • The Search for Evidence: Gives the history of how the religious, the scientists, the believers and the doubters explain the afterlife in hard evidence.

  Belief: Describes the world's many cultural interpretations of an afterlife. These include polytheism, re-incarnation and karma, ancient Egyptian beliefs, the Vedic traditions, Christianity, Ancient Mesoamerican beliefs, Kabbalah, and Wicca.


  • The Nature of the Soul: Describes the Ancient Greek soul, the Ancient Egyptian soul, soul spark, Plato's chariot, the soul in Taoism, Gnosticism, Islam and many more.


  • Afterlife Places and Beings: Paints a picture of the afterlife. Osiris, the Mesopotamian underworld, offended spirits, the afterlife as suffering, an afterlife for heroes, and mythical journeys to the afterlife.


  • Experience and Healing: Gives readers easy exercises and rituals for meditation, channeling, dream work, astral travel, scrying, mediumship, and automatic writing.


Throughout history, civilizations have believed in an afterlife. More recently, new parapsychological research, personal reports of near-death experiences, and scientific studies into the nature of energy and matter, have prompted a renewed interest in discovering the truth. The Afterlife Bible is a great start on that journey.

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