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Moon Dragon

Terra Evolution: Tree of Life

Terra Evolution: Tree of Life

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  • Terra Evolution: Tree of Life includes both the previously published Terra Evolution base game and the previously-unreleased Tree of Life expansion.


    Terra Evolution is a fast-paced strategic deck/world-building game about species evolution, cataclysms and extinction with strong and exciting interaction between players. Build your world continent by continent as they rise above the ocean, then conquer them with your evolving species. Try to defeat your opponents with skillful deck-building decisions, clever population/resource management, proper timing of cataclysms, and countless strategical and tactical choices. Use your resources and your population to defend your species from extinction as your opponents start planning ice ages, volcanoes, asteroid impacts or numerous other cataclysmic attacks against your precious species, which only want to survive and evolve into a more victorious species.


    Tree of Life is not an expansion but a new approach to the Terra Evolution game since it has some elements that expand the game experience.

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