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Tumbled, Purple Agate - “Stone Of Science” and “Sacred Stone Of The Astral”

Tumbled, Purple Agate - “Stone Of Science” and “Sacred Stone Of The Astral”

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Tumbled Purple Agate

 The main Purple Agate meaning is all about harmony, balance, self-confidence and protection. It’s been called “Stone Of Science” and “Sacred Stone Of The Astral” for its various abilities to heal, increase analytical skills and lift the user to higher, more spiritual levels.

This is a lovely stone to help increase creativity, enhance yin and yang harmony, protect against negative energies and bring about good luck and fortune

 If you are struggling with negative memories, old traumas or fears, then Purple Agate can help you get past all of the emotional baggage that is holding you back. After dealing with all of the negative energy in your life, you may find that you will have more success with love, relationships and other interpersonal aspects of your life.

Purple Agate is also utilized as a stone to enhance concentration, provide protection and security and to increase efficiency.

Chakras and other Associations

Using Purple Agate during your meditation sessions may be able to greatly enhance your connection to the spiritual plane. In fact, the metaphysical properties of this stone makes it one of our favorites!

The third-eye chakra, your center for insight, self-reflection, psychic abilities and higher knowledge, is strongly connected to Purple Agate. The crown chakra, to some extent, is also connected to this stone. Use Purple Agate to enhance your sensitivity to others, to boost your creativity and to forge a trail to higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

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