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Tumbled, Serpentine

Tumbled, Serpentine

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Serpentine's mottled golden–green color resembles snakeskin, giving it its name and meaning, which is linked with the powerful regenerative energy of this prehistoric reptile, a transformation of rebirth that's reflected in the snake shedding its skin. The ancients were also big fans of the snake and its legendary symbolism. Hermes, the father of alchemy, used the symbol of two intertwining snakes around a sword to represent healing.

In crystal medicine, the Serpentine crystal stone meaning embodies the power of creation, sexuality, and fertility, which represents the life force of our ever-spinning planet. On a physiological level, it helps balance out the hormones, making it an excellent energy supplement for that time of the month. And yes, men also have hormonal cycles, which makes Serpentine a powerful stone for both the male and female energies.

Emotional Cleansing, Meditation, Aids Kundalini Rise,

Protection, Psychic Powers, Attracts Love & Money

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