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Love Spell Kits

Love Spell Kits

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 From the root workers and witches deep in the Pennsylvania Range of the Appalachian mountains, comes a time tested and true working, a spell by other names. This spell is crafted using time tested lore and a wealth of experience in committing workings to paper.

  This Spell Kit in particular is used to draw love, either a new love or to add depth and romance to an existing love.

 Everything required is included in this kit, with the exception of a match. Both the intention of a match and the actual physical match to light your candle.

Kit includes :

 Heart bag to help contain your spell

 Pink candle to bind the spell elements together

 Tumbled Rose Quartz for additional power

 Romance oil to dress the candle

 Romance Herb Blend to dress the candle

 Metal Double heart charm for the ritual

 Last but not Least, a 2 page scroll with the spell itself and directions for each step.



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